LPS Google Apps, Add ons & Extensions 2017

Welcome to Chrome Apps, Extensions and Add-ons professional development!  In this PD we will be digging into the wonderful world of the Chrome Web Store. From the resources listed, I have complied a fairly extensive list of Apps and Extensions that you can explore in today's session.  Today we will be looking at many different resources that will hopefully make your classroom lives easier.  The break down for today is as follows:

  • What is the difference between an App, Extension, and Add-on?
  • Where do you find these things?
  • How do you navigate the Chrome Web Store?
  • How do you add an app and where does it go?
  • How do you add extensions and then use them?
  • Where do you manage all of these features?  
  • Google apps for your Smartphone that work well with your drive.
  • New Google apps being introduced in 2017.

Let's get started by reviewing what the difference is between an App, extension, and Add-on!

Lists change constantly
Frequently used Google Chrome Apps to explore

Apps on the Web Store

List of Chrome Extensions

All about Add ons!

How to install apps and extensions that aren't in the Google Chrome store!

Apps for your Smartphone that work well with your drive.
  • Google Photos (Unlimited storage)
  • PhotoScanner - Great tool for scanning photos and making them digital
  • Google Keep
  • Google Assistant

New Google apps being launched in 2017

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